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Lawrence called Aaron's Rod, 'the last of my serious English novels - the end of The Rainbow, Women in Love line.'
Written in the years following the First World War, Aaron's Rod questions many of the accepted social and political institutions of Lawrence s own generation and raises issues still important in our time.

Aaron's Rod, completed in 1921, was censored by both Lawrence's American and English publishers. This Cambridge Edition of the novel, based on the only authoritative surviving typescript, restores these cut passages and eliminates the errors and house-styling of previous editions.

The volume contains an introduction setting out the genesis of the novel, its transmission, publishing history and reception, as well as explanatory notes and a textual apparatus. The appendix contains some early cancelled passages from the novel, here published for the first time, which reveal the kinds of conceptual and stylistic changes that often occurred in Lawrence's revisions.

Amigo Reader; January 2010
ISBN: 9780554221748
Title: Aaron's Rod
Author: D. H. Lawrence
Imprint: Amigo Reader
Language: English

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