Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin Coursebook Digital edition

Martin Mak - Xixia Wang - Ivy Liu So Ling

With a skills-based approach and an international outlook, this digital edition of the coursebook promotes a deeper understanding of the Mandarin language and culture. Engaging texts, images and audio enhance the activities in this digital coursebook and help develop language skills. Revision sections and clear learning objectives encourage self-assessment and support students through the Cambridge IGCSE™ Mandarin course. Cambridge University Press; April 2020 I... Show more

Published: April 17, 2020
Title: Cambridge IGCSE™ Mandarin Coursebook Digital edition
Author: Martin Mak - Xixia Wang - Ivy Liu So Ling
ISBN: 9781108738903
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Language: Chinese
Formats: ePub


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