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Ebook Hodder Internal Assessment for Psychology for the IB Diploma

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Support progress through the Internal Assessment, walking students through criteria, how to choose a topic, approach experimentation and analyse and evaluate results for the final report.

· Build skills through a range of strategies and detailed examiner advice and expert tips.
· Ensure understanding of all IB requirements with clear, concise explanations on the assessment objectives and rules on academic honesty, as well as explicit reference to the IB Learner Profile and ATLS throughout.
· Encourage students to achieve the best grade with advice and tips, including common mistakes to avoid, exemplars, worked answers and commentary, helping students to see the application of facts, principles and concepts.
· Reinforce comprehension of the skills with activity questions.
· Support visual learners with infographics at the start of every chapter.

Hodder Education; November 2018
ISBN: 9781510450417
Title: Internal Assessment for Psychology for the IB Diploma
Author: Jean-Marc Lawton
Imprint: Hodder Education
Language: English

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