Oxford IB Diploma Authoritarian States Course Companion

Brian Gray - Mariam Habibi - Sanjay Perera - Verity Aylward

Drive critical, engaged learning and advanced skills development.  Enabling comprehensive, rounded understanding, the student-centred approach actively develops the sophisticated skills key to performance in Paper 2. Developed directly with the IB for the 2015 syllabus, this Course Book fully supports the new comparative approach to learning. Cover the new syllabus in the right level of depth, with rich, thorough subject content Developed directly the ... Show more

Published: September 07, 2015
Title: Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Authoritarian States Course Companion
Author: Brian Gray - Mariam Habibi - Sanjay Perera - Verity Aylward
Edition: 1
ISBN: 9780198374541
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Language: English
Formats: PDF


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