Hodder 2019

[PDF] Ebook Hodder Edexcel A level Politics US UK Government and Politics, Political Ideas


This all-in-one textbook provides in-depth coverage of specification content and recent political developments and helps students to apply their knowledge through case studies, debates on key issues and practice questions.

  • Includes all core and non-core political ideas, with key thinkers thoroughly integrated into the theory
  • Provides complete guidance to the USA route of the specification
  • Strengthens understanding by interweaving both historical context and contemporary examples, such as Brexit, into the text
  • Builds confidence by highlighting key terms and explaining synoptic links between different topics in the specification
  • Develops analysis and evaluation skills with 'stretch and challenge' activities
  • Features practice questions with answer guidance online

Available in print as Student Textbooks or in two digital formats:

  • Student eTextbooks are downloadable versions of the printed textbooks purchased on a copy-by-copy basis and allocated to the students in Dynamic Learning
  • Whiteboard eTextbooks are online, interactive versions of the textbooks for front-of-class teaching and lesson planning

We are seeking endorsement from Pearson Edexcel for the Student Textbook and Student eTextbook.

Philip Allan; May 2019
ISBN: 9781510448988
Title: Pearson Edexcel A level Politics
Author: Sarra Jenkins; David Tuck; John Jefferies
Imprint: Philip Allan
Language: English

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