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[PDF] Ebook Hodder Edexcel GCSE Mathematics: Success in a Year


Exam Board: Edexcel
Level: GCSE
Subject: Mathematics
First Teaching: September 2015
First Exam: June 2017

Endorsed for Edexcel

Motivate and re-engage students to succeed in Edexcel GCSE Maths 9-1 with this fresh and contemporary approach that blends classroom and independent learning and provides a tailor-made solution for every student, addressing misconceptions, tricky topics and exam technique.

  • Developed specifically for the new Edexcel GCSE 9-1 specification, this book offers a variety of targeted activities to engage and stimulate students to succeed in a year.
  • Presents strategies to help with problem-solving questions.
  • Highlights areas of weakness with diagnostic Skill Check questions that point to relevant sections within the book that can be revisited to reinforce learning.
  • Provides guidance on effective exam techniques designed to help consistently grow and develop independent learning.
  • Offers plenty of opportunities to test understanding with follow-up assessments at the end of each unit.
  • Equips you with a new approach presented in an informal style to help engage and motivate students.

Secure success in a Year with:

  • 3 Exam practice papers
  • 69 'Do I know it now?' and 48 'Can I apply it now?' follow-up assessments - for students to test their knowledge and problem-solving skills
  • 45 Did you know? panels - show students the usefulness of the mathematics
  • 55 'What you need to know' summaries - provide the essential basics for each topic in an easy-to-use format
  • 70 'How to do it' panels - worked examples with solutions to enhance understanding of individual topics
  • 70 Learning Exercises - help students develop and practice their skills
  • 48 Problem-solving Exercises - offer students the opportunity to bring together their knowledge and problem solving skills in exam-style questions
  • 5 Problem-solving chapters dedicated to the key area of problem solving

Hodder Education; June 2017
ISBN: 9781471886782
Title: Edexcel GCSE Mathematics: Success in a Year
Author: Heather Davis
Imprint: Hodder Education
Language: English

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