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[PDF] Ebook Sterling Test Prep MCAT Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Practice Questions


Thousands of premeds use our study aids to achieve high MCAT scores!

This book has 720 high-yield practice questions covering MCAT organic chemistry topics. Chemistry instructors with years of teaching experience prepared these questions by analyzing the test content and developing practice material that builds your knowledge and skills crucial for success on the MCAT.

Our editorial team reviewed and systematized the content to match the current AAMC test requirements. We are experts on preparing students for standardized tests and admissions into competitive medical schools.

The detailed explanations describe why an answer is correct and - more important for your learning - why another attractive choice is wrong. They provide step-by-step solutions and teach the scientific foundations and details of organic chemistry topics needed to answer test questions.

Read the explanations carefully to understand how they apply to the question and learn important organic chemistry principles and the relationships between them. With the practice material contained in this book, you will significantly improve your MCAT score.

Scoring well on the MCAT is essential for medical school admission to pursue your dream of becoming a physician. This book helps you develop and apply knowledge to quickly choose the correct answer to organic chemistry questions tested on the MCAT.

Solving targeted practice questions builds your understanding of fundamental concepts and is a more effective strategy than merely memorizing terms.

Sterling Education; October 2021
ISBN: 9781954725713
Edition: 1
Title: Sterling Test Prep MCAT Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry Practice Questions
Author: Sterling Test Prep
Imprint: Sterling Education
Language: English

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