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[PDF] Ebook Vibrant Math Practice Tests For The ACT


There is more to improving your ACT score than your knowledge of mathematics. Preparation for the style of questions and the pace of the exam is just as critical for an optimal score. ACT allows student to take the test multiple times, The organization then takes the best score from each section of every test and creates a "superscore". The practice test help the student focus on and optimize their math score.

Math Practice Tests for the ACT provides eight full lengths tests that include 480 practice questions, with detailed explanations and level of difficulty provided for all questions. The practice tests will improve the student's familiarity with the ACT, providing the following:

  • Familiarity with test format means time saved that can be applied to the test questions.
  • Knowledge of test question styles minimizes confusion, saves time and improves accuracy.
  • Practice test results show areas where the student needs additional review.

Students who practice the ACT are better prepared and have less stress during the test. Maximize your score through preparation.

Vibrant Publishers; June 2020
ISBN: 9781949395877
Edition: 1
Title: Math Practice Tests For The ACT
Series: Test Prep Series
Author: Vibrant Publishers
Imprint: Vibrant Publishers
Language: English

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