Amigo Reader 2010

[PDF] Free Ebook A Honeymoon in Space – George Griffith


Originally written at the turn of the 20th century, this classic story imagines a solar system full of alien life and adventure.

A young American woman marries an English Lord and finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime, touring outer space on her honeymoon.

Through a series of amazing encounters, they visit the gentle Bird-Folk of Venus, the horrifying monsters of Jupiter, and the fleets of aerial battleships belonging to the evil Martian warlords.

Featuring the first publication’s original illustrations, this is a landmark novel in the genre of science fiction.

Amigo Reader; January 2010
ISBN: 9780554275246
Title: A Honeymoon in Space
Author: George Griffith
Imprint: Amigo Reader
Language: English

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