Vibrant Publishers 2020

[PDF] Ebook Vibrant GRE Reading Comprehension 4th Edition


• Over 325 solved examples to practice and learn.

• Passage summaries to help you understand and interpret different texts.

• Systematic and effective strategies to save time and build confidence.

• Answer Key with detailed explanation for every question.

• Revised and updated content that is in-line with the new GRE guidelines.

GRE Reading Comprehension: Detailed Solutions to 325 Questions is designed to help students analyze and interpret complex and unfamiliar passages in the minimum possible time by employing simple, yet effective test-taking strategies. With over 325 Reading Comprehension questions straddling all possible topics, formats and question types, students get the most intensive practice opportunities to sail through Reading Comprehension questions on the GRE.

Reading Comprehension questions in the Verbal Reasoning portion of GRE are a tough nut to crack because they take up a lot of time and no amount of theoretical knowledge can help ace them. The only way to score well in the RC section is to practice smart (instead of hard) and learn to budget your time wisely and well. 

Vibrant Publishers; December 2020
ISBN: 9781636510217
Edition: 4
Title: GRE Reading Comprehension
Series: Test Prep Series
Author: Vibrant Publishers
Imprint: Vibrant Publishers
Language: English

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